Data Ethics By Luminess

Our commitments

A major digital player, the Luminess Group specializes in data processing. We bring technological innovations to our customers, public and private actors, within an ethically responsible framework.

Processing more than 1/4 of the personal and sensitive data of the French population, we have a responsibility towards our customers, our partners, our employees and society as a whole.

We must be the first guarantor of Data Ethics. For us, Data Ethics goes beyond just regulatory aspects, and is expressed through the consideration of human, sovereignty and environmental issues.

By establishing this new standard, the Luminess Group is committing to a virtuous approach to ethical digital processing, a guarantee of trust and quality and a creator of value for our partners.

On a daily basis, we put this Data Ethics into practice in all of our actions. Being Data Ethical means promoting behaviors and good practices in line with our values ​​and market requirements.

From the design to the execution of our solutions, in our decision-making, in all departments of the company, we are committed to integrating the requirements of Data Ethics.

Data Ethics because it goes beyond the regulatory aspect:


  • We are committed to collecting only useful, relevant and necessary data
  • We are committed to collecting data in a fair, lawful and minimal manner after having informed people of the processing that will be carried out on their data.


  • We apply to each data the appropriate retention period and beyond, we undertake to destroy them.
  • We ensure compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements for data security, integrity, confidentiality and IT governance
  • We guarantee an electronic archiving system that ensures the availability, integrity, confidentiality and traceability of electronic archives and data
  • We guarantee the strict confidentiality of the data collected

Treatment :

  • We process data in compliance with the GDPR and the Public Health Code for health data, processing supervised by a DPO and an RSSI
  • All the data processing actions that we put in place respect the notions of Privacy by design and Privacy by default
  • We guarantee to process the data in a qualitative and not quantitative way, within the strict framework of the purpose defined during the collection.
  • We prohibit any sharing of the data we process
  • We secure access to data for a limited and identified number of people


  • We guarantee to carry out only the necessary transmissions with secure means

Data Ethics because it is processed in a sovereign environment:

  • We are committed to storing all data in a sovereign environment
  • We are committed to providing offers that guarantee data processing in France

Data Ethics because it takes environmental issues into account:

  • We store data in data centers whose energy consumption we control
  • We are committed to developing solutions that take environmental issues into account

Data Ethics because it is based on human issues:

  • We are committed to applying, in advance, the European directive on artificial intelligence (AI Act)
  • We are committed to providing solutions that promote accessibility
  • We are committed to solidarity with our suppliers
  • We are committed to using suppliers who comply with our Data Ethics approach
  • We are committed to a process of continuous improvement of the quality of our actions, services and services

Data Ethics because it creates value for our customers:

  • We are committed to implementing measures to ensure transparency in the execution of our activity
  • We are committed to a process of continuous improvement in the service of performance
  • We encourage our customers to participate in this reflection on Data Ethics
  • We are committed to offering the highest standard of security and confidentiality in a sovereign space adapted to each market sector
  • We are committed to assimilating the level of reference values ​​of our customers to support them in their approach.