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Luminess, a major digital player in France and leader in BPO as a service, places the CSR at the heart of its strategy. Aware that companies have an increasingly important social and environmental responsibility, our CSR strategy guides each of our actions and is based on four major axes: data ethicsour social policyour local roots and environmental issues

Consult our CSR report (French).

Consult our CSR report (English).

CSR policy

Sponsor of the Emmaüs Label boat for the Jacques Vabre 2023 transatlantic race

In the line of our CSR strategy, we are proud to have sponsored the Emmaüs Label boat for the Jacques Vabre 2023 transatlantic race, and its two skippers Damien Jenner and Jérôme Lesieur. This tripartite project notably allowed our two skippers to contribute to the financing of the solidarity project of a training scholarship for digital professions, launched by the Label Emmaüs endowment fund.

For more information, you can consult our press release.

Maud Sarda
Co-founder and Director of Label Emmaüs

In 1 year, a boat in the colors of Label Emmaüs will start the Transat Jacques Vabre, thanks to navigators Damien Jenner and Jérôme Lesieur. What joy and pride for the whole team! A unique opportunity to spread our plea for an economy that includes, shares and preserves. To make our solidarity marketplace Label-emmaus.co known to as many people as possible! And to mobilize as many patrons as possible in order to finance a scholarship program supported by our Label Transition endowment fund, for all learners without resources from our training center, Label School! A first partner is already committed to our side, the Luminess Group, thanks to them for showing the way.

Data Ethics by Luminess

As a major digital player, data is at the heart of our daily business. With more than 1/4 of personal data of the French population processed on our platform, we must guarantee the ethical processing of this data. For us, ethical data processing goes beyond the simple aspects regulatory, and is expressed through the consideration of human issues, sovereignty and D'environment. By establishing this new brand, the Luminess Group is committed to a virtuous approach to ethical digital processing, pledge of trust and quality, and value creator for our partners.  

This is why we have made the Data Ethique by Luminess brand one of the pillars of our CSR strategy..

Our CSR strategy

Data Ethics

+1/4 of data processed

The ethical processing of data irrigates all of our actions. It means promoting behaviors and good practices in line with our values ​​and market requirements for the benefit of our customers, our partners and our employees. By establishing this new standard, the Luminess Group is committing to a virtuous approach to ethical digital processing, a guarantee of trust and quality and a creator of value for our partners. We integrate this reference from the design to the realization of our offers. The Data Ethics brand is based on four pillars which are for us theregulatory aspect, sovereignty, L 'environment and human, and this over the entire life cycle of the data from collection to transmission, including storage and processing. This new frame of reference is expressed in a Data Ethics charter.

More information on thededicated tab “Data Ethics by Luminess”.

Local anchor

Bringing our sites to life

Strengthened by our historical roots in Mayenne, we are committed to promoting and bringing our sites to life. Our teams in France are located at Mayenne, Lens, Rennes et Paris. In particular, we take part in the Trophée la Mayenne Innove, a prize dedicated to local entrepreneurs who contribute to the development of the territory, and we create partnerships with local schools like the INSA of Rennes. 

More information on thededicated tab "Our local anchoring policy".

Environmental policy


As a major digital player, we are committed to controlling our environmental impact and integrate these issues into our CSR strategy. Our objective, to go beyond those set by the government and to commit to reducing the energy consumption of our sites and our data centers by 15% and to improving our carbon footprint linked to our mobility and our mailings, by 2024. To do this, we have notably appointed a ambassador for energy sobriety, and developed a energy sobriety charter.

More information on thededicated tab "Our environmental policy".

Digital transformation,

Social Policy

+ 30 %

We are convinced that our human capital is our best asset for building our future. This is why we place the employee experience at the same level as the customer experience. With our social policy, we are committed to giving meaning to all of our employees. In this context, we particularly encourage diversity and professional equality, which is all the more important in the digital sector. In particular, we aim to feminize our IT teams. Since 2018, we have increased the proportion of women in engineering teams by 30%. And we don't intend to stop there.

More information on thededicated tab "Our social policy".

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This is the essential element for any lasting collaboration.


It's having a taste for a challenge, being curious, knowing how to get out of the box.


It means making every effort to keep our commitments.


It is the desire to constantly surpass ourselves and to innovate.

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Christophe Lasseron

Quality, Lean and CSR Manager and Energy Sobriety Ambassador

"To strengthen our CSR strategy and give it a solid foundation, we have been involved in a long-standing certification process. These certifications cover all fields, both regulatory and sovereignty, environmental and social aspects. For example, we received the CSR Ecovadis gold label this year, which rewards our CSR strategy as a whole and encourages us to maintain our efforts in all our sectors."

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Data Ethics






↗︎ Gender equality

↗︎ Quality of life at work

↗︎ Value Sharing

↗︎ Include



↗︎ 15% soft mobility

↘︎ Sending emails by 15% per year

↗︎ Energy efficiency of our data centers by 15% per year

↘︎ Energy consumption of our sites by 15% in 2023 and an additional 15% in 2024


↗︎ Contribution to the local ecosystem

↗︎ Patronage

↗︎ Solidarity pots