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Electronic Archiving Service - SAE

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The Value of SAE Archiving

  • Policy : accessible only to accredited persons;
  • Integrity : the archives are protected by a system certifying that the stored electronic documents have not undergone any modification and are perfectly readable;
  • Sustainability : archive readability guaranteed over time via an archive readability control process to deal with the problem of obsolescence of storage media/formats;
  • Authenticity : the SAE must make it possible to prove that the archived document is original;
  • Safety : Archives often contain confidential information. One of the major challenges of the SAE is therefore to facilitate access to personal data while protecting it from possible loss or intrusion.
  • Traceability : the SAE integrates functionalities which make it possible to know all the actions carried out on a document (connections, consultations, modifications, etc.).
Our expertise

SAE with probative value

Supply of electronic parts

Need to ensure the supply of electronic documents, the veracity of which is considered irrefutable, or at least stronger than other means of preservation.

SAE Policy

The SAE policy must therefore be implemented with regard to the types of documents kept, the regulations concerning them and the legal and financial issues of the company.


  • Interactive client module (web interfaces)
  • API integration

Implementation and hosting

The solution is implemented by Luminess teams on an architecture that meets SAE standards.

The pillars of the Luminess offer


  • Encrypted fingerprint generation
  • Fingerprint control
  • Consultation of fingerprints

Data retention

  • Standard formats
  • Sustainability of formats
  • Y Archiving

Traceability of operations

Operations are recorded and traced in logs
     - Archived in the SAE
     - Chained
     - Signed
     - Timestamped


  • Accessible only to authorized users of the client
  • Authentication connected to the client's LDAP directory
  • Access via "dedicated MPLS" or "VPN IPSEC"
  • Mechanism of roles governing access levels by perimeters and functionalities


  • Reversibility file systematically generated when depositing an archive
  • Reversibility plan defined with the client

       - Methods of engagement
       - Terms of return
       - Methods of destruction

  • Procedures specific to restitution within the GDPR framework


To learn more about our SAE solution, you can download our product sheet.