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Health establishments & social protection actors

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The deployment of digital healthcare is a major accelerator of the transformation of the health system in general.

Health facilities, social protection actors, health agencies, institutions, etc., have more and more solutions to improve the management of journeys, user experiences and document flow management.

From the dematerialization of documents to their processing by Artificial Intelligence solutions, Luminess deploys the technical solutions allowing you to refocus on your business challenges

Data security

At the center of the health system

Social protection

Fluid and efficient customer journeys

Establishment of a relationship, online contractualization,
websites and apps

Automation of document processes

Dematerialization, mail management outsourcing

Data driven

Collect, enhance data
and apply a human guarantee

Health facilities

Fluid and efficient patient pathways from admission

Secure remote digital admission

Data storage

Data dematerialization

Data driven

Collect, enhance data
and apply a human guarantee

Our offers

Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes


Digitize your medical records in situ: give meaning to your document and data stocks.
Application development and maintenance


Create site factories, complex sites, ensure the migration of your old sites and optimize the governance of information in your organization.
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David gruson
Director of the Health Program

Our teams provide you with an overview of the challenges of digital transformation in health. Our approach combines solutions with strong technological content, understanding of the challenges of digitizing patient journeys and support for the transformation of healthcare professions.

Social protection

Nathalie Moreau
Commercial Director
Bank, Insurance and Social Protection

Our Mutual Clients have clearly understood the value of entrusting us with the processing of their Health flows. They thus benefit from an optimized end-to-end process, greater flexibility thanks to our versatile and flexible teams and a level of service commitment, the guarantee of an optimal Member Relationship.

Luminess brings its expertise to health establishments & social protection actors

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