The customer

In a context of environmental, digital and economic change, the automotive world is changing rapidly: the car connects, automates, alerts or informs its driver in real time. 
The RENAULT Group offers end customers access to the on-board lots of their RENAULT or DACIA brand vehicle.
The On-Board Package is made up of a set of physical elements (pocket, vehicle operating instructions, multimedia or radio operating instructions, guide-markers, additional operating instructions, addendum, maintenance booklet, warranty) fitted to all RENAULT Group vehicles.

The objectives

  • Allow end customers to access user manuals in different formats and media;
  • Optimize the drafting of user manuals and gain in efficiency;
  • Customize the instructions for use according to the country of sale;
  • Manage two different file formats (PDF, XML);
  • Guarantee the durability of the tool (maintenance) as well as the safety of datas.



Our answer

Luminess has designed and developed a comprehensive editorial system (Authoring Tool Owner's Manual) including :

  • A writing station for works in the source language (28 languages);
  • Document management (workflow, processing, enrichment, link management, versioning, export, archiving);
  • Management of notice orders by the agencies (paper, pdf, xml, etc.).

In addition, Luminess provides services for the production of E-guides (Interactive digital instructions).

We provide advice, ergonomic and graphic design, development and integration of multimedia resources.


To the great satisfaction of our client, this project has enabled our teams to closely support and provide long-term advice to Team Renault..

Ronan Le Moign
Business Developer


500 000

pages produced each year.

The benefits of our solution

  • The integration of business rules and the implementation of an automated production chain ⇒ reduction of annual production and control costs;
  • Optimization of multi-format exports ⇒ reduction of production costs for interactive digital notices;
  • Structured content and a library of available resources ⇒ improved writing and productivity;
  • Compliance with the schedules for providing on-board packages and digital notices. 

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