Ministry of Labour

The customer

The Ministry of Labor, Full Employment and Integration prepares and implements rules concerning working conditions, collective bargaining and employee rights, as well as the defense and promotion of employment, including return to employment policy, as well as professional training for young people and adults.

Within the Ministry, the General Directorate of Labor (DGT) prepares, leads and coordinates labor policy in order to improve collective and individual relations and working conditions in companies as well as the quality and effectiveness of the law which governs them. governs. Under the aegis of the General Secretariat, the DIGITAL Directorate (DNUM) carries out digital transformation to offer agents and professions fluid and efficient services and thus make its contribution to the effectiveness of public policies.

The objectives

The VOCE project is part of a broader program which brings together projects enabling the holding of union and employer elections in France, the collection of representativeness data resulting from them, which allows the calculation of the union audience (MARS projects and TPE project) and employers (RP project): this makes it possible to determine the seats for each union of employees or employers at the Prudhomme council level and at the Interprofessional Regional Joint Commission level, as well as the financial resources paid.

Our answer

As part of the MARS project (Measuring the Audience of Union Representativeness), and following the winning of the corresponding call for tenders, Luminess has been operating the Professional Election Processing Center (CTEP) on behalf of the Ministry of Labor since August 2023.

The services entrusted to Luminess within the framework of the CTEP are: the complete takeover of the CTEP in relation to the previous service provider within a period of 2 months, the reception, digitization and archiving of the documents resulting from the minutes of the professional union elections in all companies in France (excluding small businesses), the entry of these minutes, compliance control operations, management of the contact center (in collaboration with our partner APF France Handicap) for responding to requests from users of the company's applications. voting portals, and PV compliance campaigns.

"We were impressed by the speed of the takeover by Luminess: not only did the CTEP become operational very quickly, but the stock of the previous service provider was also purged very quickly. We also appreciate the fact that Luminess is constantly making suggestions on very operational aspects, which helps to free up time and ultimately money on the contract."

Henri Fagebaume
Labor Office, Digital Department

The benefits of our solution

  • A particularly rapid and seamless recovery praised by the customer;
  • Outsourcing of ticket seizure and control activities, freeing up staff at the Ministry;
  • Optimization of productivity via a lean approach and automation of data extraction from PVs (planned for 2024)

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