Ministry of Justice

The customer

The Ministry of Justice is the administrator of justice in France. A ministry whose holder is the Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice.

The objectives

In 2018, the Ministry of Justice wanted to develop the site of the new TGI of Paris and the 36 websites of the 36 Courts of Appeal, in order to meet the following challenges:

  •     Multi-site with technical pooling;
  •     Ergonomic, graphic and editorial harmonization;
  •     Site security;
  •     Intuitive handling of the Back-Office by magistrates,
  •     Intranet: access to documents from the EDM Alfresco.

Our answer

Luminess (formerly Jouve) and Atos have been selected to create a shared platform for the 37 websites of the Courts of Appeal and the TGI of Paris under Drupal 8. Luminess has thus mobilized various expertise:

  •    Framing / technical advice;
  •    UX Design;​
  •    Editorial design;​
  •    Functional & technical design;​
  •    Integration and development;
  •    Assistance with the recipe;​
  •    Resumption of content;​
  •    Third-party application maintenance, hosting and outsourcing over 2 years;
  •    RGAA e-accessibility.


The Luminess teams fully understood the business need, their methodology adapted to our organization and their experienced team enabled us to set up a multi-space site in DRUPAL in 4 months that meets our expectations.

Philippe Albert MEUNIER
Head of Central Administration Applications, Ministry of Justice

were developed by Luminess (formerly Jouve) in the space of 4 months.

The benefits of our solution

  • Each Court of Appeal now has a site with its own graphic identity and its own navigation menu.
  • Simplified administration thanks to efficient user profiles:
  1. super-administrator: representing the communication department
  2. contributor (site): representing the MDC (Magistrates Delegates to Communication).
  • An easy-to-use tool for users not experienced in website administration such as magistrates.
  • Luminess was able to respond to a strong planning constraint with a fixed deadline (opening of the new Court of Paris).

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