Lefebvre Sarrut

The customer

The leading French legal publishing group, Éditions Lefebvre Sarrut specializes in corporate law, accounting and human resources. A reference publisher since 1845 of books, codes and encyclopedias, he is now developing new online services and digital products. Its main French subsidiaries are Éditions Francis Lefebvre, Éditions Législatives and Éditions Dalloz.

The objectives

The group wanted to optimize the use of its documentary holdings by pooling the web content of all of its subsidiaries. This information had to be published online in a personalized way and be adapted to the profiles of the target audiences (lawyers, accountants, etc.):

  • Diversify the group's commercial offers by creating websites specialized by business while maintaining flexible management of subscriber access.
  • Have a flexible platform to guarantee the autonomy of subsidiaries in defining their product catalogs and online services.
  • Benefit from a management tool that simplifies the regular and coordinated updating of the various content.
  • Offer enhanced ergonomics and functionalities to subscribers (widgets, web services, complex information search, etc.).

Our answer

  • End-to-end implementation of the publication system: design, development in agile mode, deployment and outsourcing.
  • Business portals offering dynamic and customizable content by publishers and subscribers (organization of information and choice of widgets on their home page).
  • The development of advanced search functionalities: full-text, cross-referenced search, by specific criteria, by analytical tables, etc.


Our objective was to allow the various publishers of the group to create new websites on demand from a common technical base, then to enrich and personalize each of the sites by drawing from the modules created by Luminess (formerly Jouve) . This project is already a success and we have produced more than six sites from this platform. We now plan to capitalize on this platform for our international subsidiaries.

Jacqueline Joulin
Editorial IT Director at Lefebvre Sarrut

indexed documents.

The benefits of our solution

  • Hosting high traffic sites.
  • 20 years of expertise in search engine integration.
  • Speed ​​of implementation of new sites.
  • Pooling and optimal re-use of the group's structured content.
  • Personalization of work environments.

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