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The customer

The leading banking group in France, Crédit Agricole is the largest network of cooperative and mutual banks in the world. In France, Crédit Agricole is made up of the 39 regional banks of Crédit Agricole. 

The objectives

The regional bank of Crédit Agricole d'Île-de_France wanted to launch a remediation campaign KYC in order to comply with the provisions incorporated into European directives allowing the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. The KYC systems must make it possible, on the one hand, to collect the elements of information necessary for understanding the object and nature of the business relationship, but also to analyze it.

Our answer

Luminess (formerly Jouve) has implemented a KYC remediation solution for Crédit Agricole d'Ile de France. The Luminess solution makes it possible to be part of a global approach by integrating the entire life cycle of customer file remediation operations through the following steps: 

  • Omnichannel collection (mail, agency) but which favors self-care via the web portal created by Luminess. 
  • The automated control of documents and data in order to ensure the completeness of the file, its validity and its conformity on the collected documents. 
  • The update of the file according to the documents recovered thanks to an automatic integration of the documents collected in the EDM (Electronic document management) client. 

At the end of this campaign, Crédit Agricole d'Ile-de-France wanted to set up permanent control with the Luminess solution. 



documents received via the Selfcare portal.

The benefits of our solution

  • Our offer and our expertise allow us to support the client throughout the remediation process.
  • The possibility of adapting our solution to the needs of the customer, in particular for the implementation of permanent control.

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