Communication agency

The objectives

The objective was to set up a solution allowing large listed companies, clients of the communications agency, to publish regulated information, such as financial reporting documents (DRF) with a quality layout. This solution had to comply with the new European regulations for the treatment of DRF (publication in XML format known as XBRL). 

Our answer

Development and maintenance of a production control station and a platform for data management and collaborative publication of regulated information with quality layout:

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Alert management
  • Development of planning by document to be produced, global management of schedules
  • User and profile management
  • Document storage with versioning and state change
  • Collaborative editing, publication and online DTP tool
  • XBRL data management module.

clients of SBF120 (Société des Bourses Françaises).

The benefits of our solution

The clients of the communication agency can thus: 

  • create and modify their content;
  • monitor the performance of various services provided by the agency. 

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