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The customer

The Biomedicine Agency is a public establishment carrying out its missions in the fields of organ, tissue and cell harvesting and transplantation, as well as in the fields of human procreation, embryology and genetics. . 
It does everything in its power to ensure that each patient receives the care they need, in accordance with the rules of health safety, ethics and fairness. Through its expertise, it is the reference authority on medical, scientific and ethical aspects relating to these questions. It supports health professionals and associations and collaborates with other health institutions (ARS, CNAM and other organizations, in the region and internationally) on many public health topics.

The objectives

The Biomedicine Agency wanted an overhaul of its site dedicated to bone marrow donation ( 

Our answer

Luminess (formerly Jouve) supported the Biomedicine Agency throughout the project and carried out the redesign and migration of the site en Drupal 9.

311 000

voluntary donors registered in the national register.

Yolande Lerebourg

“Luness has proven experience in the recovery of complex and multi-instance site applications in TMA and in their redesign. The Biomedicine Agency has thus trusted us to guarantee the maintenance in good condition of the old site, the time of its technical and ergonomic overhaul, then to carry it out with the latest version of the CMS. Drupal. Our teams have thus successfully used all our experience and expertise in the redesign, development and maintenance of applications in challenging and demanding security contexts for the benefit of the Biomedicine Agency. 

Yolande Lerebourg
Health Sector Sales Manager

The benefits of our solution

The expertise of the Luminess teams in Drupal development reassured the Biomedicine Agency:

  • on their ability to migrate to Drupal 9;
  • on Drupal's ability to constitute a sufficiently robust technical base to support the ambitions of the overhaul.

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