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Structured or editorial content: our expertise at your service



Specialist in the production of digital content, Luminess supports you throughout the editorial chain, from consulting in editorial solutions to multichannel broadcasting.

Layout, enrich, structure, illustrate, format and organize editorial production, we work from your data to make it fluid and accessible to all your audiences. Our business expertise coupled with our IT skills allow us to offer our clients editorial solutions that are perfectly suited to their needs.

Our goal: Promote your content more effectively to increase your ROI.

Structured content:

Legal, legal, technical, normative or regulatory content, our experts have a great deal of experience in XML structuring and valuation of your data.

Editorial content:

Enhancement of your content to your different audiences: proofreading, harmonization and ortho-typo corrections, graphic adaptation, layout and layout, translation management ...


From advice to a complete editorial solution

Publication path

Services and solutions tailored to your needs

a complete editorial solution

Improved efficiency 

Our experts allow you to optimize the design, production and management cycles of your editorial content.

How to know your readers and understand their expectations? Thanks to analytical technologies, publishers understand the behaviors of their readers. The quality of the segmentation therefore becomes strategic. To exploit these results, the new production platforms are now targeting all digital media, with optimal enrichment solutions making it possible to adjust distribution to the new uses of readers, mobile device fans, multimedia availability and online downloads. line.

    Our Solutions

    From a simple XML composition service accessible as a web-service to a complete editorial solution comprising: 

    • The writing station so that authors and editors can write their articles,
    • Electronic document management (versioning, rights management, metadata and filing plan),
    • The editorial workflow for sequences, production tasks and controls,
    • Import mechanisms for content acquisition,
    • Monitoring, reporting and statistics tables,
    • The back-office necessary for rights management.

    These solutions can be hosted by our customers or in our data centers based in France.

    Our services

    A full range of services from our 50 layout experts including: 

    • Creation / adaptation of editorial charter
    • Creation of models related to the graphic charter
    • Iconographic research
    • Executing the layout 
    • Enrichment of content (videos, animations ...)
    • Accessibility of your publications ...

    Our technical solutions


    Automatic page layout platform for converting a word to pdf, HTML, XML or e-pub format

    Multimedia software

    Multi-media enrichment

    digital publishing solutions

    Secure distribution on all platforms: web, Android, Apple

    Luminess (formerly Jouve) long-time partner
    companies and institutions with large volumes of data to process.

    Our data standardization solutions are aimed at any structure that must operate large volumes of data processing and publications of a sensitive nature such as legal or financial data.
    The video above shows you the use of Deeplearning algorithms applied to Proofreading designed for the Official Journal published by the Publications Office of the European Union.


    Proven processes for high-level compliance regardless of volume.


    RPA and Deeplearning are developed especially for the needs of European institutions, resulting from our experience of more than 20 years in this field.


    Highly certified data management, from content capture (ISO standards, Machine Learning) to hosting, including the application of complex standards and the monitoring of strict GDPR rules.


    Measurable performance through custom reports and KPIs

    Within the framework of these European projects, the approach integrates the 24 languages of the European Union, for processing and dissemination without borders.

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