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The world around us is filled with patents. Their number, in perpetual increase, requires a rigorous treatment to ensure their originality and reproducibility.

Our PATENT PROCESSING platform addresses this complex chain thanks to an automated process combining artificial intelligence processing and human supervision.

From document to data, our platform simplifies processes while guaranteeing a high level of reliability and enables the conversion of large volumes of complex information into structured data. We guarantee the reliability of the patent from filing to publication: data flow management, data analysis, prior art search, conversion, publication.


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Luminess, leader in patent processing


  • Organization of delegated formalities tasks
  • Open and secure processing infrastructure based on micro-services supporting this scope of activity by automating processes (archiving, indexing, duplication, etc.)


  • Conversion and structuring of data, diagrams, formulas
  • Management of all digital and paper document formats


  • Structured and homogeneous patent dissemination to the general public and users with sophisticated search functions

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We put our technological expertise and our innovations at the service of the management of patent applications and their distribution for the largest offices in the world, including the European Patent Office (EPO-EPO).

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