Patent Process Automation

European leader in patent processing
Agile method

An agile platform to process the patent document from end to end

With more than 500 pages of documentary flows processed each week for various patent offices, including the European Patent Office in particular, we guarantee the reliability of the patent from its filing to its publication : data flow management, data analysis, prior art search, conversion, publication

Our Platform Patent Processing, addresses this complexity through an automated process combining artificial intelligence processing and human supervision.


  • Organize delegated formalities tasks. 
  • Open and secure processing infrastructure based on micro-services supporting this scope of activity by automating these processes (archiving, indexing, duplication, etc.) 

Analyze and Convert

  • Conversion and structuring of data, quotes, tables and mathematical formulas
  • Management of all digital and paper document formats 

Disseminate and disseminate

  • Distribution of the structured and homogeneous patent to the general public and to users with sophisticated search functions
  • Use of sophisticated functions and visualization and graphical analysis of results

Recognized expertise

13 000

daily procedural communications 

+14 000 000


150 000

patents published each year 

5 000

examiners access the database 

+120 000 000

patents accessible in the database 

99,99 %

quality and availability rate 

A mastered conversion process

providing significant ROI

conversion process illustration

24 hours !

This is the time limit reached for certain tasks thanks to our automated processes instead of 10 days


Increase in efficiency observed x10 thanks to outsourcing


A mastered conversion process

process expertise illustration

Preparation / Acquisition

Scan / Input / Normalize

Segmentation / Zoning

Automatic / Manual

OCR / Text extraction

JCR / PDF extraction


Automatic / Manual

XML Editing

File corrections


XML / PDF / ebook ...

Industrial Property Business Developer

Our international actions lead us to work with many European organizations, including the EPO, and we manage the 27 languages ​​of the Community.  

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