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Digitize your medical archives in situ, and give meaning to your document and data stocks

From the digitization of your archives to the management of health data

The digitization of hospital archives and patient medical records represents a real challenge for healthcare establishments.  

  • Short term : overall improvement in the quality of the healthcare system, continuous reduction in internal management costs for non-medical activities, search for efficiency levers in terms of quality and responsiveness for the medical and administrative staff in charge of cases, gains in useful m² …. 
  • Medium term : destruction of patient files in compliance with regulatory compliance, construction of databases for clinical research, etc.

Our Solution

NUMIA is the fruit of the alliance of our business knowledge and our technical expertise in respect data security.

From the digitization of archives to the use of Artificial Intelligence, NUMIA constitutes a complete packaged offer for healthcare establishments. Deployable very easily, it allows to reduce the volume of archives and to exploit this precious data.

Our Solution

A fully packaged industrial digitization solution

compliant with best market practices and available in SaaS mode

Easy deployment

Locally limited to the installation of the digitization bench in healthcare establishments

Highly configurable taking into account the specificities of the patient files specific to each UF (Functional Unit) 

Secure data

Data storage in France, HDS approval

Data storage compliant with probative value certification (NF 42-013) 

Possible paper destruction

Standard NF 42-026 (reliable copy) allowing the destruction of paper files after digitization by Numia in accordance with the provisions of the CSP (L 1111-26)

Quick set-up

Deployment of the solution within the archives services in less than 3 months 

Multiple benefits for healthcare establishments

Establishment of a "scan-on-demand"within health establishments in the Central Archives service 

DPI power of the healthcare establishment as soon as the parts are digitized 

Delete archives local 

Removal of shuttles physical restitution of paper patient files within UFs 

Establishment of a digital storage warehouse high definition paper files usable for clinical research

Destruction of paper files in compliance with applicable regulatory constraints 


To learn more about NUMIA, discover our product sheet.

Help you transform

Vincent Favreau
Executive Trade Director

NUMIA offers a new approach to digitalizing medical records allowing more technological fluidity and better leverage in terms of efficiency gains. The approach also includes support for data management and artificial intelligence in health.