Re-engineering your performance


An optimized vision and processing of your customer data
Virtual Reality

Respond to your new challenges

In an increasingly regulated environment, compliance and customer knowledge are essential. Uses are mobile, your customers gain autonomy and interactions are digital. The data collected also makes it possible to manage today's relationship and address that of tomorrow.

Online contracting, dematerialized declaration, IOT, the digital identity of your customers and your products is at the heart of your actions. Uses and regulations cause the competitive bubble and business models to burst. In this context, Jouve brings you integrated solutions and expertise allowing you to cover the entire digital relationship chain.


@Insurance online




Simplify and personalize your user journeys while robotizing

your business processes and leveraging your untapped data

Mobility uses:

  • Online targeting and conquest
  • Use of the most efficient web & mobile acquisition tools
  • Structuring your data
  • Provision of cognitive opportunities

Robotization & Optimization of your business processes:

  • Digital transformation of your business processes and tasks
  • A concrete response to your customer commitments.

Detection of fraud cases:

  • Prospect data
  • Documents
  • Cross checks
  • Decisional scoring.

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Search and data

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