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Fight against fraud

Fight against documentary fraud and secure the digital customer relationship

The shift to digital channels is creating a revolution in fraud where sophisticated criminal groups use increasingly sophisticated tools. They become real experts in the falsification of false documents or the misuse of genuine documents.In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Almost 6% of identity documents presented to open bank accounts or carry out administrative procedures are wrong. False identity, identity theft, this document fraud represents a very significant cost for these organizations. 


fraudulent records 


false identities 

25 000

identity theft per year in the Bank


Billions of € per year


Maintain a high level of customer acquisitions while effectively combating fraud

By combining simple rules, AI technologies and Computer Vision with data verification in external databases, our solution meets the challenges of industrialization without penalizing customer acquisition and in effectively combating fraud.

We have built real expertise in fraud detection to curb the sharp increase in the creation of new “fraudulent” accounts on digital channels.

We support you in your reflection on the fight against fraud and we provide effective solutions for the detection of document fraud and identity theft.

  • Detection of traces of modification software in the 'header' of the file - Paint, Gimp, Photoshop, etc ...
  • Copy / paste detection
  • Variation of fonts and font sizes
  • Verification in a database of known false documents
  • Data validation via external databases (eg, DGFIP, etc.)


Support and advice in the fight against documentary fraud

Document fraud detection solution

Identity theft detection solution

Artificial intelligence technologies

Computer vision technologies

Checking data in external databases

Partnerships to strengthen our expertise

Fight against false documents

Luminess has chosen to rely on the technology-based documentary certification platform Archipelagos blockchain.

This unique technology allows consolidate, solidify and complete data compliance control processes. This device guarantees 100% authenticity, for example by checking the compliance of an Engie invoice provided by a customer. 

Fight against identity theft

Luminess strengthens its Data Capture solution, which verifies supporting documents in real time by biometric solution fully passive and real-time of Unissey, which can detect any face spoofing attack, frictionless for the user.In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Pledges of security additional fight against fraud, particularly useful when entering into a relationship. 


To find out more about our Data Capture Fraud Detection solution, you can download our product sheet.

Help you transform

Product Fraud

Faced with the explosion of documentary fraud in online procedures, we are not sitting idly by.

Recent and upcoming developments in artificial intelligence are a considerable asset in the face of this threat.