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KYC individuals and legal entities

Optimize your customers’ compliance management thanks to KYB by Luminess

Facilitate your compliance processes with KYB by Luminess

KYC analysis is one of the main components of AML/CFT control. It is an effective but restrictive system: a time-consuming information gathering, long validation times, significant non-compliance costs, complex process for businesses... 

Luminess guarantees you regulatory compliance with an efficient and automatable identity verification process for natural and legal persons, thanks to its Know Your Business (KYB) solution.

KYB by Luminess at the service of performance

A smart identity verification process


KYB intervenes at all stages, from entering into a relationship to remediation and makes it possible to manage the processes of collection and verification of natural and legal persons. 


The advantages of the solution?

  • KYB by Luminess accelerates your compliance program;
  • Helps you gain operational efficiency;
  • And finally, it allows you to standardize the traceability of your KYC process for legal entities and individuals. 

The KYB solution combines Intelligent Document Processing technology and Luminess business expertise. As part of an efficient Business Process Management, our identification, document classification and information extraction technologies (RAD/LAD, OCR, AI, ML and human guarantee) make it possible to gain efficiency in processes complex such as KYC. 

Our solution gives you greater autonomy, by allowing third parties (legal representatives, beneficial owners, etc.) to submit their supporting documents on a secure deposit portal. 

From remediation to periodic control

A 3-in-1 solution to monitor the integrity of your customers



Build your remediation campaign via a diagnosis of your customer documentation base.

Define the desired level of communication and the priority of the files to be processed.



Improve the user experience of your new customers with a KYB solution that reduces processing times.



Carry out a compliance audit of your customers, on a recurring basis throughout the duration of your business relationship.

A complete turnkey offer

Our KYB offer is made up of different services (connection to external databases, solicitation of third parties, deposit portal, traceability of controls, reporting, etc.) in order to improve the compliance of your customers according to your challenges.

Our labels and certifications

A secure solution


Provision of Cloud services in France by an entity under French law not subject to international interference.


Hosting in data centers in France certified ISO 9001, 27001, 14001 and 50001.


Maintained in operational condition 24/7 and security by teams in France.

KYB in a few figures



of documents processed with the IDP Luminess Data Capture solution, included in the KYB 



of files processed by the KYC Luminess platform


To find out more about our KYB solution, you can download our product sheet.