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Privileged partner to address digital transformation policies

Respond to multilingual issues, manage critical and complex data at scale... So many challenges for the European Institutions, in a context of digital transformation and new uses.

A trusted partner of the European Commission and the Court of Justice of the European Union, we have been supporting the European Institutions for more than 20 years. Thus we collaborate, among others, in the publications of case law on EUR-LEX, in the Official Journal, in the notices of invitation to tender published on TED and in the productions of the EU budget.

For many years, we have also worked with the European Patent Office, with dedicated teams based in Germany and the Netherlands.

Integrated and innovative solutions

Our expertise

dematerialization process


Phases of design during TMA phases, Luminess supports its customers in the technological choices to implement innovative solutions.

Solution editor

Luminess edits its own solutions from the know-how of the production chains and makes them available to its customers.

Outsourced service provider

Luminess leverages the power offered by Artificial Intelligence, combined with Human Guarantee to process the volumes of flow at industrial scale.

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Application development and maintenance


Create site factories, complex sites, ensure the migration of your old sites and optimize the governance of information in your organization.
Business package
Application development and maintenance

Business package

Business software that meets the specific needs of your business, tailor-made, according to specifications.
Recognized know-how and committed teams

Critical data processing

Multilingual proofreading

Optimization of synoptic layouts in the different official languages ​​of the EU

Compliance process supported by Artificial Intelligence and Human Guarantee

Luminess long-time partner of the European Institutions

Our data standardization solutions are aimed at any structure that must operate large volumes of data processing and publications of a sensitive nature such as legal or financial data.
The video below allows you to discover the Deeplearning algorithms applied to Proofreading as implemented for the Official Journal published by the Publications Office of the European Union.

These processes are established by combining Artificial Intelligence algorithms and Human Guarantee:

  • Proven processes enable high-level compliance regardless of volume
  • RPA and Deeplearning are developed especially for the needs of the European Institutions, resulting from our experience of more than 20 years in this field
  • The data management offered is at a high level of certification, from content capture (ISO standards, Machine Learning) to hosting, including the application of complex standards and the monitoring of strict GDPR rules.
  • Our performance is measurable by custom reports and KPIs

Within the framework of these European projects, the approach integrates the 24 languages ​​of the European Union, for processing and dissemination without borders.

White Book

Download our white paper for European public markets.

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European Institutions

The realization of major European projects pushes us to be at the forefront of technology with great rigor in execution. We participate in this through our own expertise and in cooperation with a network of partners throughout Europe. Our teams work in the 24 official languages ​​of the EU. The International at Luminess is a field of excellence, and we are collectively very proud of it!

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