Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes

Entering into a digital relationship

Design fluid and secure user journeys

Quick, fluid and secure connections

Entering into a digital relationship has become essential to meet customer needs and increasingly important regulatory constraints. Banks, complementary health insurance, insurance, health establishments, must adapt to this evolving environment and guarantee contacts fast, smooth and secure.

AI at the service of establishing a relationship

The digital contact solutions developed by Luminess mobilize artificial intelligence image recognition technologies. Combined with human supervision, they guarantee smooth journeys with a very high level of compliance, within very short deadlines.

Luminess' business expertise makes it possible to integrate these new relationships into customer journeys adapted to your challenges and can be addressed from the first exchange to the signing of a contract.

Combine human and technical expertise for your contacts


Design your tailor-made relationship

Data Capture​

Automate your document control to streamline your relationship entry process and optimize your customer journey

KYC: Fight against fraud

Secure the start of a relationship with solutions to fight against enhanced fraud

Partnerships to strengthen our expertise

100% reliability on KYC procedures

Luminess has chosen to rely on the technology-based documentary certification platform Archipelagos blockchain. This unique technology allows consolidate, solidify and complete data compliance control processes. This device guarantees a 100% authenticity, for example by checking the compliance of an Engie invoice provided by a customer.

Jouve Unissey Partnership

A reinforced fight against fraud

Luminess strengthens its Data Capture solution, which verifies supporting documents in real time by biometric solution fully passive and real-time of Unissey, which can detect any face spoofing attack, frictionless for the user.

Pledges of security additional fight against fraud, particularly useful when entering into a relationship.

Help you transform

Etienne Vazzoleretto
Marketing director

Establishing a long-distance relationship has radically changed sales models and has also given rise to new competition.

On the internet, you are only a few clicks away from your competitor, the Luminess teams are there to provide you with the technologies and expertise necessary to avoid missing this decisive step in the customer relationship.

They put their trust in us