BPO automation

Dematerialization of health flows


Automate your treatments with the market leader

You receive very large volumes of requests from your members and partners on a daily basis, via various channels (emails and documents). You want to provide them with an efficient, reliable and rapid response, reflecting your commitment to quality of service.

Our platform associating our technical expertise to our business knowledge allows us to process your end-to-end flows and respond to market challenges. Automation, artificial intelligence, human supervision, etc allow you to'' achieve your goals by optimizing your business processes.

Our expertise

Zero paper and operational excellence

Mutual and complementary health insurance


  • Mutual documentary flow expertise

  • Management workshop

  • RAD / LAD / OCR technology

  • Document fraud detection

  • Integration of EDM, workflow and BPM solutions

A complete and secure solution


Artificial intelligence coupled with human supervision allows us to continuously improve the efficiency and automation of our processes.


Our solutions adapt perfectly to your processes and your rules.


As a health data host, Luminess (formerly Jouve) guarantees the security of the data entrusted to it.


A true industrial solution, the Luminess health flow processing platform allows complete traceability of the events and treatments carried out.


Detailed dashboards make it possible to monitor the volumes processed and deadlines at all times to check the fluidity of case processing in real time.


Sampled control, validated automation, consistency control, reference systems,….

Respect of deadlines 

Annualization of working time, versatility, priority management, production workflow, automation,….

A measurable process on a daily basis

End-to-end processing of customer requests

A demanding environment

Daily commitments

A very competitive environment 

A customer relationship at the heart of the process 

An essential modernization of trade 

A need to reduce costs 

Adapted responses

business expertise at all levels

Processing of flows from members and healthcare professionals 

A modernized customer relationship and respect for guaranteed deadlines 

A measured quality of the service respecting the integrity of the folds, 

Multichannel integration

For end-to-end processing

Multichannel acquisition

Acquisition of incoming communications regardless of the acquisition channel

  • Email
  • Paper courier
  • EDI flow

Reading documents

Index all your documents from the simplest to the most complex, thanks to robust technologies and proven industrial processes.In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

  • Automatic document reading
  • Indexing via repository

Sorting communications

  • Document recognition and fine typing of documents
  • High level of automation

Business controls

  • Processing of reimbursement requests

  • Customer rules integration

  • Decision matrix

Export and archiving

  • All formats including B2 and NOEMIE
  • Compatibility with Activ'Infinite and GED

Help you transform

Nathalie Moreau
Sales Director Banks, Insurance and Social Protection

More and more mutuals are entrusting us with the processing of their Health flows with the aim of accelerating the processing of their Members' requests and reducing their management costs. The results of our latest satisfaction survey show that our Customers fully measure the contribution of Luminess Value Added Services to gain in Productivity and flexibility.

They Trust Us