BPO automation

Incoming mail dematerialization

Increase productivity, responsiveness and efficiency

Outsource and automate your mailrooms

You receive daily very important flows of letters, emails and documents from your members and partners.

Our solutions allow you to outsource end-to-end processes whether from paper or electronic documents.

Structure your communication channels and automate and outsource your mailrooms, allows you to provide quick and accurate responses to your customers. The technologies developed by Luminess Computer Vision and Dsemantic analysis optimize the different stages of reading, indexing and classification of your incoming flows.

Improve the performance of your organization


Make information more quickly available in management systems

Cost reduction

Reduce the costs of manual processing


Adapt to your processing needs and mail flow



Customer satisfaction

Respond more quickly and accurately to customer requests and provide a guaranteed level of service through automated classification and distribution of mail

Process control

Have clear and auditable processes

Operational monitoring

Facilitate operational management and performance monitoring

Incoming mail

Our expertise

Multichannel capture

Preparation and control of physical flows

Digital flow control

Automatic sorting

RAD typing and classification platform

High volume heterogeneous flow processing

Automatic indexing

LAD Indexation Platform (OCR / ICR / OMR)

High automation rate

Machine learning


folds per year


scanned pages


pages processed

1 500

of indexed fields

Help you transform

Nathalie Moreau
Sales Director Banks, Insurance and Social Protection

To our great pleasure, our customers testify on a daily basis to their satisfaction in working with expert teams, attentive and committed to the Quality of Service provided.

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