Customer Promise

At the crossroads of process analysis and automation by design thanks to our AI engines, we accelerate, optimize and enhance your workflows.

business processes

Digital trust is at the heart of our processes and is illustrated by all of our certifications and compliance with GDPR requirements throughout the value chain.


Our platform is the alliance of our cutting-edge technological expertise and our business knowledge to respond quickly and efficiently to the changing needs of the market and cover your customer issues.


Data management is at the heart of our expertise and allows us to improve our customer promise.

Artificial intelligence

Our AI algorithms, combined with the human guarantee, are the key elements of our Innovation Lab. The solutions we develop improve your business processes and your customer relationship.


Accelerating the transformation of our customers and responding to their efficiency and innovation challenges are at the heart of the actions we carry out at Luminess. The technological and sectoral expertise of our teams makes us a major player in the French-Tech ecosystem.

Thibault Lanxade

Our convictions

Centennial company, founded in 1903 in Mayenne, we have been able to renew ourselves, transform ourselves as the needs of our customers, technologies and context evolve to become a major digital player in France. To embody this perpetual transformation, our group's DNA, and our strong convictions, we are developing our identity. This new identity is Luminess!