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From dematerialization to business processes

The development of digital in recent years has led the profession as a whole to re-examine its profession, its practices, initially based on physical intermediation.

Today, digital is integrated into all banking processes: account opening, credit, remediation, data processing, etc. and at all stages of the customer journey. It is a major growth challenge for establishments providing on the one hand always more performance and on the other hand to deploy resources effective anti-fraud.

The technical and integrated solutions offered by Luminess allow you to refocus on your business expertise and your customer relationship and facilitate your business experience on a daily basis.

Automate business processes:

fight against fraud, automation of identity checks, verification of document compliance

Use the data:

data analysis and processing, data management, artificial intelligence, human supervision

Adapt to new uses:

fluid and efficient customer journeys, dematerialization of documents, websites and adapted and accessible applications

Multiple expertise and integrated solutions

The four levers of the digitization of banking processes

idea- innovation


Character recognition (OCR)
Electronic management of documents
Dematerialization of incoming flows


RealTime Data Capture API
Integration & development
UX / UI Agency


Business Process (EER / KYC / CREDIT)
Outsourcing / Operators
Workflow / Case management


Clusterization classification
AI / Natural language processing
Document fraud detection

Our offers

API - Data Capture RealTime
Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes

API - Data Capture RealTime

Streamline your relationship entry processes and customer journeys in real time, in complete security with our API.
Fight against fraud
Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes

Fight against fraud

Fight against documentary fraud and secure the digital customer relationship.
Real Estate Credit
Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes

Real Estate Credit

Simplify the customer journey, reduce processing times and reduce the costs of analyzing files.

Help you transform

my walk
Executive director
Business Development

Our objective: to support the business lines towards a serene outsourcing.
Our focus: automation coupled with human guarantees. 
Our ambition: lowering the cost / income ratio and adapting your customer responses 

Our partners

Unissey - facial recognition

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Luminess brings its expertise to the 6 largest French banks and allows them to reinvent their customer relationship and facilitate the business experience.

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