Advanced Digital Business Process


Modernize routes and improve operational efficiency

Technology takes a preponderant place in the world of insurance and becomes an important lever to gain in efficiency thanks to the digitalization of business processes. 

Indeed, digitization brings a major efficiency gain, of the dematerialisation flows up to the management delegation, the outsourcing of your processes allows you to gain efficiency and time to refocus on the real problems of your customers.

From entering into a relationship to managing the customer relationship, Luminess expertise allows you to accelerate your innovation and calmly face your new constraints: regulatory, competitive, etc.

Understand the overall context of the client

Understand customer needs and initiate data management

Manage customer service commitments

Guarantee the efficiency of customer service despite regulatory complexities (KYC, GDPR, etc.) 

Lower the costs

Guarantee its competitiveness to face new competitors

Improve the experience of your employees

Relying on Artificial Intelligence to support its employees

multiple expertise and integrated solutions

To meet your challenges


Character recognition (OCR)
Electronic management of documents
Dematerialization of incoming flows


RealTime Data Capture API
Integration & development
UX/UI Agency


Classification Clustering
AI/Natural language processing
Document fraud detection


Business process
Outsourcing managers
Workflow/Case management

Our offers

Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes


Streamline your relationship entry processes and customer journeys in real time, in complete security with our API.
Fight against fraud
Transactional Platforms and Digital Processes

Fight against fraud

Fight against documentary fraud and secure the digital customer relationship.

Help you transform

Nathalie Moreau
Commercial Director
Bank, Insurance and Social Protection

Whether it is for P&C flow processing services or KYC remediation files, Luminess brings all its know-how to its Insurance customers through adapted solutions and the expertise of its operators.