A new governance to ensure the direction of the Luminess Group

Paris, on 25-07-23The Luminess group, a major digital player, leader in BPO as a Service and a French medium-sized company, is adopting a new governance. 
Bruno Vergé, historical shareholder of the Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors, takes over the Presidency and General Management of the Luminess Group. To ensure this transition period, he will rely on François Légaut, appointed Deputy Managing Director.
This appointment comes after the departure of its former Chairman and CEO Thibault Lanxade, appointed Prefect of Indre, on July 13th.

A long-standing bond unites Bruno Vergé's family and the Group. Following its acquisition of Jouve (which became Luminess in 2022), the Group's main shareholder has accompanied and supported the development and transformation of Luminess. Since 1984, Bruno Vergé has been a member of the Board of Directors as Chairman of the Group and has had the opportunity on several occasions to exercise the functions of Chairman of the company.

Since Thursday July 20, 2023, he has again held executive positions within Luminess as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. 

I am very attached to this company. This French ETI is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, and we can be very proud of its transformation, enabling it to now be a major digital player. I will be keen during this period to continue to support Luminess in its growth dynamic.

Bruno Vergé
CEO of Luminess

In order to support him during this period, he appointed François Légaut, Deputy Managing Director.

The latter, an engineer with a degree from Centrale Lille, joined Jouve in 2005, after having worked for eight years in the automotive industry in France and abroad. Within the Luminess Group, he supported the deployment of several strategic projects before being appointed Executive Director of Group Operations in 2019.

His very good knowledge of the company allows him, beyond the management of all French projects, to support the growth of the Group, to guarantee its operational excellence and the satisfaction of its customers. In his new role, he will rely on the Luminess Executive Committee to continue the development of the Group in France and internationally in its strategic markets of mutual insurance, health, banking and insurance and intellectual property.

Francois Legaut

I am very honored by the trust Mr. Vergé has placed in me. Luminess has many beautiful ongoing and upcoming projects. With the help of COMEX and all the teams, we will continue to develop our expertise while guaranteeing a high level of satisfaction for all of our customers, both in France and abroad. 

François Légaut
Deputy CEO of Luminess

This change in governance follows the departure of its previous Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Thibault Lanxade, appointed Prefect of Indre on July 12, 2023. During his six years at the head of the Group, the latter will have profoundly transformed this company of intermediate size.

A strategy which will have led to the sale of the printing activity, the optimization of costs, the consolidation of the strategy of offers and sectors of activity, the rationalization of sites, the strengthening of the presence of the Group in Europe. It will also have enabled the Group to enter into a sustainable growth dynamic.

About Luminess : Luminess is a French medium-sized company, created in Mayenne in 1903. Originally a printer, the Group has continued to transform and integrate digital uses to now be a 100% digital company. A major player in the digital ecosystem, the Luminess group is now established in eight countries and has nearly 1 employees worldwide, including 800 in France. Leader in “BPO as a Service”, this French mid-sized company has made CSR a major focus of its strategy and development. Guarantor of Data Ethics, it draws on its business expertise and technological skills to offer solutions adapted to the evolving needs of its clients by guaranteeing a regulatory and sovereign framework, taking into account environmental and human issues. Luminess deploys its expertise in different sectors of activity such as banking, health, intellectual property and the public sector. BPO, AI, RPA, process automation combined with human supervision throughout our workflows ensure a high level of satisfaction by guaranteeing ethical data processing.


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