Luminess launches a new version of its Data Capture solution

Paris, on 12-06-23Luminess launches a new version of its Data Capture solution. In a logic of continuous improvement of the solutions offered to its customers, this new version benefits from the expertise of more than ten years in the processing and control of documents associated with the deployment of artificial intelligence. This new version of this SaaS solution is now the most complete on the document control market.

A pioneer in the subject, Luminess today launches the 3rd version of its Data Capture solution, nourished by the specific needs of the most demanding industries and the experience of more than 120 million documents processed since its first version. Indeed, Automatic Recognition and Automatic Reading (RAD/LAD) has made very significant progress over the past ten years, henceforth allowing significant rates of automation in the processing of files with sometimes complex business rules and strong regulatory pressure on the manipulation of personal data or in the fight against fraud.
This new version integrating Artificial Intelligence technology and human supervision offers four services to choose from:

  • Real-time document processing allowing 80% of the documents to be processed in less than 15 seconds;
  • Advanced control ensuring more advanced processing and support for specific documents in a transfer time of less than 10 minutes;
  • Human supervision of 100% of the documents processed;
  • From the fight against fraud.

Data Capture, as an IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) solution, plays a vital role in digital transformation by enabling organizations to automate and optimize their document processing processes. This results in improved efficiency, quality and productivity, while reducing costs and risks.

Etienne Vazzoleretto
Marketing director

Data Capture V3 thus perfectly meets the challenges of online journeys and their growing requirements for document control. Its capacity for automated and inter-document controls, rapid reading of a large panel of documents, deployment of personalized sequences according to the type of documents and uses, make it possible to streamline user journeys, increase customer satisfaction and structural efficiency.
Banking establishment, insurance company, mutual insurance company, public sector... This latest version of Data Capture, by ensuring the reading of documents from data extraction to validation of files according to business rules, covers the needs of all these sectors: improvement of the conversion rate, search for quality SLAs, customer loyalty, optimization of journeys, etc.

About Luminess : Luminess is a French medium-sized company, created in Mayenne in 1903. Originally a printer, the Group has continued to transform and integrate digital uses to now be a 100% digital company. A major player in the digital ecosystem, the Luminess group is now established in eight countries and has nearly 1 employees worldwide, including 800 in France. Leader in “BPO as a Service”, this French mid-sized company has made CSR a major focus of its strategy and development. Guarantor of Data Ethics, it draws on its business expertise and technological skills to offer solutions adapted to the evolving needs of its clients by guaranteeing a regulatory and sovereign framework, taking into account environmental and human issues. Luminess deploys its expertise in different sectors of activity such as banking, health, intellectual property and the public sector. BPO, AI, RPA, process automation combined with human supervision throughout our workflows ensure a high level of satisfaction by guaranteeing ethical data processing.

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