Luminess (formerly Jouve) and Unissey: partners to streamline the customer journey and strengthen the fight against online fraud.

Paris, the 27 / 04 / 2021 - Verification of the conformity of proof of identity and biometric device against identity theft, two areas of expertise that combine to streamline the process of entering customer relations and the fight against online fraud.

A major player in the digital transformation of companies, the Luminess Group (formerly Jouve) simplifies and personalizes customer and user journeys. As such, Luminess verifies the compliance of millions of documents each year, particularly during the relationship entry and remediation processes. Unissey (formerly Deepsense), with its facial recognition and life detection solution integrating unique next-generation artificial intelligence, enables ergonomic, secure and fast facial verification.

This unique partnership combines verification of identity documents and facial biometrics of the user. The Data Capture RealTime solution verifies certain supporting documents in real time and already offers a very high level of compliance. It is now combined with Unissey's entirely passive biometric solution, which allows real-time detection of any face spoofing attack, without friction for the user. This combination of expertise makes it possible to offer users of this solution additional guarantees of security in the fight against fraud, which are particularly useful when entering into a relationship.

A solution that could benefit banks, insurance companies, health, public sector players, etc., or even any player wishing to offer secure entry points to their customers.

Thibault Lanxade, CEO of Luminess: “ We are particularly involved in the fight against fraud. We offer entry-level solutions to our clients and we must guarantee them a very high level of compliance. This partnership with Unissey allows us to combine new technology with those we already use and offers an additional level of fight against identity theft in real time. »

Yassine Mountacif, Chairman and CEO of Unissey (formerly Deepsense): “ Unissey is very proud to count Luminess among its privileged partners, bringing its innovative facial verification and life detection product. This partnership makes it possible to provide a complete remote identity validation solution combining security, ease of use and speed. »

A partnership that falls within the framework of eIDAS, a European regulation which entered into force in 2016 and which covers electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions within the internal market. It aims in particular to establish a common base for secure electronic interactions between citizens, businesses and public authorities on the territory of the European Union.

About Unissey:
Unissey is an innovative startup based in Paris, providing solutions in the field of identity verification. Unissey addresses all sectors, both public and private, such as banking, insurance, health or even physical access control. With a team of more than 20 experts in biometrics, digital identity, and artificial intelligence, Unissey focuses in particular on critical topics such as ethical biometrics, security, and the smoothing of customer journeys.

About Luminess (formerly Jouve) :
Specialist in data and digital uses, Luminess simplifies and personalizes digital journeys. For more than 40 years, the group has supported the transformation of its customers in various sectors such as the public sector, health including social protection, banking, international institutions, etc. to optimize their business processes, structure and enhance their data. . Its business approach allows it to respond as closely as possible to the problems of its customers. Luminess has nearly 1 employees and is established in Europe and the United States.

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