Mipih and Luminess cooperate in the hospital digitalization department

The mipih, 1st public player in digital health and Luminess (ex-Jouve) French technology group, announced their cooperation on May 18th. The shared ambition: to facilitate the paths of patients and agents in the hospital and to host digitized medical records, in an ethical and certified framework.

Signed on the occasion of Santexpo 2022, this cooperation is materialized by the integration of Luminess services into mipih's digitization solutions. It is based on 4 major axes.

Accelerate and facilitate patient admission

The first axis concerns the integration of an Artificial Intelligence technology as an aid to the automation of patient admission in healthcare establishments. This device allows the automatic recognition of supporting documents, such as the identity card, the vital card and the certificate of complementary health, from simple photos taken by the patient and deposited on the digihosp patient portal of the mipih. This innovation is based on seamless interoperability between digihosp patient and Know Your Patient, the AI ​​solution dedicated to admission developed by Luminess.

The second axis concerns the provision of this technology to the service of image recognition for the admission of patients to the Emergency Reception Services. Integrated into the GAP Pastel of the mipih, this innovation will improve the quality of reception of patients in the emergency room, the predictability of flows and increase efficiency in identity-vigilance and documentary collection for the admission process.

Streamline the integration of establishment professionals

AI technology will also be deployed in the digihosp HR portal of the mipih, in order to recognize administrative documents and facilitate the creation of agent files. This system will notably make it possible to improve the fluidity of the on-boarding of professionals in healthcare establishments.

Certified hosting of medical records

Finally, Luminess adapts, within the framework of this cooperation, its innovative Numia offer dedicated to the digitization of medical records, the qualification of health data and support towards MIA, to make it possible to host it by mipih, 1 host public HDS certified

This cooperation is perfectly in line with the orientations of the digital health Ségur roadmap and aims to be exemplary, particularly in terms of interoperability and innovation.

About the mipih

A public player in digital health, the mipih deploys digital solutions for health territories and their actors: GHT, health establishments, medico-social, liberal health professionals. The group has 4 agencies, in Toulouse, Amiens, Bordeaux and Reims.

About Luminess: A major player in the digital ecosystem, Luminess has nearly 1 employees worldwide, including 500 in France, and is established in seven countries including France and the United States. Leader of "BPO as a Service", this French ETI relies on its business expertise to offer solutions adapted to the changing needs of your customers and thus allow you to sublimate their customer promise. A world leader in patent processing, Luminess combines human supervision and technology by deploying its expertise in various business sectors such as banking, healthcare, intellectual property and the public sector. Our service platform is the alliance of our cutting-edge technological expertise and our business knowledge in order to ensure a high level of satisfaction in compliance with security and compliance rules.

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