The Luminess group strengthens the environmental aspect of its CSR approach and appoints an ambassador for energy sobriety

Paris, on 12-09-2022 – Solidarity sports challenges, “no-email Friday”, green goodies, waterproof clothing for “bikers”, carpooling, for several years, Luminess has been committed to adopting eco-responsible behavior. The group is aware that companies must play an essential role in society's energy and environmental transition. This is all the more important when the pollution emitted is silent and linked to digital activity. By involving employees in an energy sobriety approach, Luminess also encourages society to act on these essential issues.

To structure the CSR approach of Luminess, the group has appointed Christophe Lasseron as ambassador for energy sobriety alongside Judith Mehl, director of communication and public affairs for the group and newly appointed director of engagement. The objective is to include the Luminess Group in a responsible and engaging approach for society and its employees.

The missions of the ambassador will be based on four pillars:

● The energy consumption of data centers
● The energy consumption of the sites
● The carbon footprint linked to employee mobility
● The carbon footprint linked to the sending of emails.

Reduce energy consumption
Specific objectives for reducing the energy consumption of datas centers and sites are fixed in the short and medium term, accompanied by actions such as the automatic switching off of workstations and lights and also the development of an in-depth reflection on the specific cooling of our servers.

But also our carbon footprint
Luminess thus wishes to develop carpooling between employees. An agreement between Mayenne community and Klaxit allows site employees to Mayenne to discover or develop carpooling between their home and their place of work, since September 1st. An ecological and economical way to transform these journeys. In this eco-responsible approach, the group will organize workshops to raise awareness of carpooling and to discover the application in September, at Mayenne to encourage employees to use this application.
But the group does not stop at this simple action. Luminess employees (Lens, Mayenne, Rennes et Paris), who travel by bicycle to go to work, called “vélo taffeurs”, also have their place in this approach, with a set objective of carbon footprint savings. This operation should be extended to employees who come on foot, by public transport in the near future.To accompany this initiative, in complete safety, training in road safety will take place on the various sites.


« The appointment of an energy sobriety ambassador is a new step in Luminess' CSR approach. This is a component that is part of a more global strategy, but it is the responsibility of companies to urgently take environmental issues into account. As a major digital player in France, we must be exemplary in terms of the impact of our activity. »

Judith MEHL
Director of Engagement, Communication and Public Affairs

About Luminess:  A major player in the digital ecosystem, the Luminess group has nearly 1 employees worldwide, including 500 in France, and is established in seven countries. Leader in “BPO as a service”, this French ETI draws on its business expertise to offer solutions adapted to the evolving needs of your customers and thus allow you to enhance their customer promise. Luminess combines human supervision and technology by deploying its expertise in different sectors of activity such as banking, health, intellectual property and the public sector. BPO, AI, RPA, process automation combined with human supervision throughout our workflows ensure a high level of satisfaction in compliance with security and compliance rules.

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