The Constitutional Council entrusts Luminess with the creation of its QPC portal

Paris, on 24-03-2022 – On February 16, Luminess signed a contract with the Constitutional Council to create its QPC portal (Priority Questions of Constitutionality). A major digital player in France and particularly in the public sector, Luminess puts its business and technical skills in data processing and artificial intelligence at the service of accessibility to the Constitutional Council. The creation of this portal will provide easy access to the various decisions of QPC to all citizens and will also provide rich and accessible content to professionals in the legal world. It thus constitutes real progress in the modernization of the Constitutional Council.

The creation of this new digital portal is a major project, led by its president, Laurent Fabius, and announced during the wishes presented to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron on January 6th. Available in early 2023, it will meet a dual objective. On the one hand, to bring to the attention of a majority of French citizens the existence of QPCs, which allow, during a trial, to lodge an appeal aimed at checking the constitutionality of a law. On the other hand, it will provide legal professionals with a database facilitating access to the QPC, to the doctrine as well as to the various decisions of the merits and the associated supreme jurisdictions. As a reminder, the Constitutional Council is the guarantor of the 1958 Constitution, one of its main roles residing, since 2008, in the a posteriori control of the conformity of the law with the Constitution by using the priority question of constitutionality.

The mission entrusted to the Luminess group, structuring for the Constitutional Council, involves various business skills, indexing and enrichment of court decisions with metadata and the creation of an associated search engine. Concretely, this new QPC platform will have a website coupled with a database, in an environment guaranteeing the integrity and anonymization of decision data. Given the stakes linked to such a project, the Constitutional Council has chosen to host its project in a SecNumCloud secure environment, a standard created by the ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) to guarantee a high level of cloud security while responding to issues of digital sovereignty.

This new digital portal is a real step forward in the modernization of the Constitutional Council and the public sector in general. It facilitates access to the various QPC decisions by simplifying the user journey and offers more complete and relevant searches.

 The Luminess Group is proud to bring its expertise to one of the most structuring institutions in the country. Such a pledge of confidence symbolizes the excellence and the requirement that we put in the realization of all our projects. Supporting once again the modernization of the public sector and strengthening the accessibility of this fundamental tool that is the QPC, are major objectives that our teams will be able to meet.

Thibault Lanxade
Luminess Group CEO

Luminess already has experience in the processing of legal data since he worked on the Open data project of court decisions and implemented the digital editing and publication solution for the bulletins of the Court of Cassation.

About Luminess: A major player in the digital ecosystem, Luminess has nearly 1 employees worldwide, including 500 in France, and is established in seven countries including France and the United States. Leader of "BPO as a Service", this French ETI relies on its business expertise to offer solutions adapted to the changing needs of your customers and thus allow you to sublimate their customer promise. A world leader in patent processing, Luminess combines human supervision and technology by deploying its expertise in various business sectors such as banking, healthcare, intellectual property and the public sector. Our service platform is the alliance of our cutting-edge technological expertise and our business knowledge in order to ensure a high level of satisfaction in compliance with security and compliance rules.

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