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API - Data Capture RealTime

Platform for real-time processing of complex onboarding processes online

Know your customers online

The Data Capture RealTime platform allows you to fluidize your relationship entry processes and your customer journeys by real time and all security.

TechnologyIartificial intelligence image recognition, coupled with recourse to blockchain and processes of biometrics, allow it to automate the reading and extraction of data from a wide variety of documents (proof of address, proof of income, license, registration card, health insurance card, etc.). This self-regulating automation techniques associated with a human supervision, if necessary, allows fast and secure processing of your data.

An industrial solution

Used by the most digitalized companies

Used by the most digitalized companies

Extensive documentary coverage

One of the most complete on the market, the solution is able to process a wide variety of documents thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Parameterizable control rules

The administration and configuration of control rules is done according to your needs via a complete and intuitive configuration interface.

Records control

Controls between multiple documents can be easily implemented to verify consistency and compliance.

API and Interfaces

The solution also has file control interfaces, accessible in SaaS mode via API, which can serve as control or validation interfaces.

Reality on the ground



the number of parts checked per year



the average processing time for an identity document



official controls that can be used for validation  


web services

which cover a wide combination of routes

RealTime Data Capture Platform

Smoother customer journeys

Fast processing

Automation of document recognition, whatever their input channel and format, for real-time processing.

Fluid courses

AI, blockchain, biometrics, human supervision to ensure data compliance.

Secure data

Data processing in compliance with the GDPR.

Integrates into your environment

API mode for quick integration

Seamless integration

REST API and documentation available for easy integration into any type of environment 

Multichannel solutions

Allows you to process documents from various sources, document capture, digital source, image from scanner, mobile device photo type

Real time to integrate into a smooth customer journey

Our response time commitments make it possible to integrate the solution into online journeys in a transparent way for the user.


Responding to the most stringent requirements in terms of security, the solution has been deployed in highly regulated environments in the world of finance and healthcare.

Accelerate with Confidence

Jean-Michel Périgois
Product Manager

Virtuous dynamics around our real-time solution: the richness of our functional coverage, the adaptability to the Banking, Mutual / Health and Public sectors, have made it possible to double our activity: the requests for new functions generated by these new uses further accelerate our roadmap .

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