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Strategy &
digital transformation
Strategy &
digital transformation

We know your users. And you ? 
Actor of business efficiency, Luminess is the alliance of consulting, mastery of business processes and technology.

The Luminess creation studio accompanies you in your transformation. 

Transactional Platforms &
digital processes
Transactional Platforms &
digital processes

Digitize your customer relationship, offer real-time onboarding services... the Luminess solutions provide concrete answers to the challenges of digitizing customer/supplier relationships.

Our transactional platforms manage processes such as remote entry into a relationship, identity verification, automation of documentary processes, etc. 

Development &
Application maintenance
Development &
Application maintenance

Always on the lookout for your efficiency, our development and maintenance experts will be able to put all their know-how and intelligence to develop the sites, applications and business software that meet the specific needs of your business.

A digital service company, Luminess accepts all challenges.


Luminess manages numerous workflow and document process industrialization projects for its clients. Combining automation and human services, real time and deferred time, our solutions adapt to all your processes and your different uses.

The automation and outsourcing of your business processes is the guarantee of increased operational efficiency thanks to innovative technologies and expert teams.


Publishing, managing and converting content has been in Luminess' DNA since the beginning. We intervene from the implementation of editorial solutions, the conversion and indexing of complex and structured flows to the publication of content. 

Whatever your content projects, you can trust Luminess.



Our business sectors

Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services

Today, digital is integrated into all banking processes: account opening, credit, remediation, data processing, etc. and at all stages of the customer journey. It is a major growth challenge for ...
Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights

The world around us is full of patents. Their number, in perpetual increase, requires a rigorous treatment to ensure their originality and reproducibility. Our Patent Processing platform addresses this complex chain through a...


The deployment of digital in health is a major accelerator of the transformation of the health system as a whole. Health establishments, social protection actors, health agencies, institutions, etc., have more ...
Public sector

Public sector

The modernization of the public service is underway. The in-depth transformation of its uses and its functioning concerns administrations and their staff, citizens and businesses. Encapsulated in the Tech.gouv program, this deployment ...

People and ethics at the heart of technology

Luminess relies on the alliance of technologies and business skills to offer you solutions adapted to the evolution of your needs and those of your customers. BPO, AI, RPA,by caratization process associated with a supervision human throughout our workflows provide you with a high level of satisfaction with respect to security and compliance rules.

As a major digital player, we must be the primary guarantor of ethical data processing. For us, the Data Ethics by Luminess brand goes beyond the mere aspects regulatory, and is expressed through the consideration of human issues, sovereignty andenvironment. A virtuous approach to ethical digital processing, pledge of trust and quality and creator of value for our partners. From the design to the execution of our solutions, in our decision-making, in all departments of the company, we are committed to integrating the requirements of the Data Ethics brand.

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Data Ethics
by Luminess

Luminess (formerly Jouve), passionate teams

Our commitment is nourished by the loyalty of our customers, passion and pride that we have for our businesses and our Group.

Digital transformation stimulates us and us cultivate the spirit of innovation in everything we do. By joining us, you will be actors in this transformation.

You will evolve alongside people who are passionate and determined to make Luminess a company where it is good to work, withina collective that shares and carries our values.

People of Luminess

Our teams support you to respond effectively to your needs while improving your business processes and your competitiveness.

Stéphane LABADIE
Chairman and CEO
Executive director
Business Development
Commercial Director
Public sector
Sales Director Banks, Insurance and Social Protection
Business Developer
Industrial property
Marion besslich
VP International
Business Development
Business Developer

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